PTFE is a Fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene, and is best known by an assortment of brand names. Regardless, PTFE remains the nonexclusive name of the material.
PTFE, when legitimately restored, makes a protection that displays a task temperature of - 90ºC to +260ºC, extraordinary adaptability, and characteristic lubricity. It is synthetically dormant, climate safe, non combustible, and has zero dampness assimilation.

MD Enterprises has been doing business insulating wire with PTFE since 1995. Our generation staff has more than 23 years of involvement around here.

MD Enterprises has some expertise in small scale smaller than usual wire. Basically, we begin where other PTFE protected wire organizations stop. MD Enterprises can protect exposed wire as little as .001". Our standard items go from 28 AWG to 44 AWG. We additionally offer copper magnet wire in sizes running from AWG 18 to AWG 44. Stranded wires are accessible from AWG 30 to AWG 42.

Our TDQ and MHW wire convey a 300 volt rating. Our wire has a protection that is generally a large portion of the thickness of ET wire, which makes it perfect for scaling down, while additionally making a considerably more adaptable wire.

PTFE wire can be difficult to strip. In spite of the fact that warm and grating stripping strategies both work. We commonly refer people to Eraser Company for a rough stripper that suits the little OD of our wire.

PTFE in its regular state is clear or slightly milky depending upon the thickness of the protection. By including shades we can make 10 standard colors: red, green, dark, white, blue, yellow, orange, darker, violet and dim. We likewise can do custom hues.

MD Enterprises contrasts from many wire producers. We really will move amounts as low as 100 feet of our standard items. Estimating unquestionably is enhanced the more wire obtained, and the vast majority of our clients ordinarily purchase somewhere in the range of 1000 and 5000 feet at any given moment.

Whenever kept in a controlled environment there is no shelf life of PTFE insulated wire. This makes purchasing mass amounts both practical, and chance free.

MD Enterprises makes both flat cables and twisted cables. The twisted cables can even be over covered with a layer of PTFE or FEP.

In reality, our wire is utilized in various ventures. It is utilized in Medical Instrumentation and Implants, Aviation, Mechanical Engineering, Oil and Gas Industry, Retail, Computers, Veterinary Medicine, Automotive, Food industry, Communications, The Art Scene, Robotics, Marine Sciences, Space Exploration, Bioengineering, Chemical Sciences, and the sky is the limit from there.

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