As the systems administration is expanding so the electrical wires are having a blast in their interest. We are providing the PTFE Tape Wires which are profoundly protected and are intended to withstand well against high on temperatures and separating. These wires are made with high caliber of PTFE, Polyamide, Fiber Glass, copper wires and numerous other temperature protections. We produces the wires which are adaptable, stun safe, polymer jacketed, heat safe, and so forth. The wires are made inflammable with high conductivity and ideal solidarity to manage load. The covering is finished with semi-unbending structure.

The size and weight of electronic and electrical gear has radically diminished over years, requiring littler and littler high voltage interconnections in such expert hardware and gadgets. The decreased existence of protecting materials under crown forces impediments on scaling down and selection of materials.

ptfe tape manufacturer


  • High tensile strength
  • Suitable for high voltage
  • Excellent conductivity
  • Flexibility
  • Durable finish standards
  • Dimensional accuracy


  • Sizes: 1/31 to 1/20
  • Temperature rating: 70° C, 85° C, 105° C
  • Colors: Red, yellow, blue, black, green, white, pink, orange, brown, violet, grey


  • High standard of technology
  • Esteemed customers
  • PVC Insulated Single Core
  • Multicore Flexible Cable