PTFE Sleeves Manufacturer

At our organization situated in Meerut, India, you can purchase PTFE Sleeves without much contemplation as we offer a wide scope of Cables to our huge customer base. We show the ideal completion and our items are fabricated utilizing hello there tech frameworks and master aptitudes at each dimension of generation. That is the reason our PTFE Sleeves Manufacturer offers cables that can withstand high temperatures effortlessly next to being 100% adaptable and solid. The conceivable outcomes are numerous with thermocouple wires, which are protected utilizing profoundly packed earthenware powder and are likewise encased in a metallic sheath.

We manufacture and supply high-quality PTFE Sleeves, our product meets an international quality standard. PTFE Sleeves Manufacturer is for high temperature or high frequencies or both. PTFE Sleeve possesses excellent electrical properties, which remain practically constant over a wide range of frequencies, temperature, and humidities and has a very low loss factor.

We offer generally manufacture PTFE Insulated Sleeves at industry driving costs. Our PTFE sleeves are solid and appropriate for underground and outdoors associations also. They are impervious to flame, synthetics, daylight and dampness. These sleeves are made accessible in various hues and tweaked measurements. We guarantee sheltered and opportune conveyance of Teflon protected sleeves.

Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene (PTFE) is a manufactured polymer with incredible dielectric protection properties. We offer premium quality PTFE Sleeves at industry driving costs. It is profoundly impervious to flame, synthetic compounds, acids, daylight and dampness. In its assembling we utilize best quality crude materials while the hues and measurements are characterized by our customers. Our item is strong and relevant in destructive liquid pipelines, protection sheathing and covered shafts.

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  • High tensile strength
  • Suitable for high voltage
  • Excellent conductivity
  • Flexibility
  • Durable finish standards
  • Dimensional accuracy


  • Sizes: 1/31 to 1/20
  • Temperature rating: 70° C, 85° C, 105° C
  • Colors: Red, yellow, blue, black, green, white, pink, orange, brown, violet, grey


  • High standard of technology
  • Esteemed customers
  • PVC Insulated Single Core
  • Multicore Flexible Cable